Happy Birthday, Best Friend.

Everyone has a best friend. Maybe two, maybe three. You can probably remember when you met each one. Where you were, what you were doing and maybe even what you were wearing. Each friend has a starting point; one that you will never forget because it was when you realized you would be best friends forever. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the day thirty-one years ago when I met my best friend for the first time but I do know that I was naked.

Today my best friend turns 60 – even though she doesn’t look a day over 40 – and I thought what better way to wish her a ‘happy birthday’ than writing about her and everything that makes her wonderful.

Not many people are lucky enough to call their mom their best friend. When I was in college I always thought it was extremely bizarre that some of my friends only talked to their mom once a week. I always thought everyone had a special relationship with their mom like I did, talking to her two to three times a day, but I quickly learned that was not the case. I definitely hit the lottery when it comes to moms.

There are a plethora of things that my mother does day-in and day-out that I am thankful for. Sometimes it is a simple morning phone call or a relaxing lunch date. Sometimes it is spending the day at the pool talking or one of her homecooked meals. Sometimes it is her babysitting my son for a few hours so I can have some me-time. Sometimes it is just knowing she is on the other end of the phone anytime I need to talk to her.

The reasons why I love her so much are never-ending and because of that, I don’t know if I can truly put into words how grateful I am for not only her constant love but her life-long friendship. But, never really being one to quit, here it goes…



 You have always been my biggest supporter and motivator, whether it was daily life or sports. You were and still are my #1 fan.

No matter how many times I may have disappointed you, you had my back 100% and never gave up on me.

You are my 24/7 friend; always there to talk or lend a listening ear no matter the time of day.

You love me unconditionally and never judge. Even when I am in the grumpiest of moods or being sassy, you continue to love me.

You are always there to talk me through any situation and help me make the best decisions. Your life advice is one of a kind and most of the time, it is spot-on.

I continue to learn from you each and every day. A lot of the things that I know in life I learned from you and I can only hope that learning continues for years and years.

You will, despite me being an adult and a mother myself, drop everything you are doing to come over and take care of me when I am sick. There is nothing like the care of your mother when you are under the weather; I am thankful you will still take care of me!

You have always put me and our family first. You gave Dom and me the best experiences as kids, making sure we never missed out on anything, even if it meant sacrificing something for yourself.

You are, without a doubt, the best Gigi I could have ever imagined my son would have. I knew you were a fantastic mom but my love for your grew ten-fold when I saw how much you loved my son, and how much fun you have together.

So here’s to you, Mom, on your sixtieth birthday. You age like a fine wine which makes me happy that I ‘got it from my mama’! I love you beyond measure and could never come close to repaying you for the wonderful life and friendship you have and continue to give to me each and every day.



A fun list of thirteen (my mom’s favorite number) things that stand out in my mind that show how loving and selfless my mom is, and how much fun we have had over the years!

  1. Our yearly girls’ trips – why did those end?!
  2. Driving to/from Florida with rumble strip Russ and having to write notes on a napkin since we were banned from talking.
  3. When the movie ‘The Italian Job’ came out and you wanted us to get matching mini coopers. Let us all be thankful that never panned out.
  4. Our private helicopter ride over Niagara Falls
  5. When I was so depressed while pregnant since I had nothing to wear because I couldn’t fit into any of my regular clothes anymore so you took me on a shopping spree for maternity clothes.
  6. Driving five hours each way to/from Salisbury and staying for less than 20 minutes just to bring me my car key when I accidentally locked mine in my trunk and AAA couldn’t get my car unlocked.
  7. When you bought all the little girls in the row behind us glow sticks at the Katy Perry concert and truly made their night.
  8. Never missing more than maybe two or three of my sporting events throughout middle school, high school, and college. And then spending countless hours driving me up and down the east coast for summer travel lacrosse, gymnastic meets, or cheerleading competitions.
  9. Sending me to gymnastics camp in PA every summer, and surprising me with visits while I was there.
  10. My first car! Then driving with me to show Dom at work because I was so excited to get his approval, as always!
  11. Timing my contractions when I was in the early stages of labor and being the third person to hold Walker after he was born.
  12. Throwing me countless memorable birthday parties and showers – you are over the top wonderful when it comes to parties!
  13. BEETS! (ok, maybe this one really wasn’t you being the most loving but it is still the best story!!)

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